Injection Molding vs Formlabs Form 4 3D Printing

Injection molding has been the fastest method to produce plastic parts. But could 3D printing be even faster? Watch as an Injection molding machine and 4 x Formlabs Form 4 3D printers are put to the test in a race to produce 1,000 plastic parts:

Why choose 3D printing over injection molding?

Formlabs complete, easy-to-use ecosystem can seamlessly replace a traditional molding workflow. Save time and money on low-volume injection molding projects by leveraging the benefits of 3D printing to quickly and affordably produce hundreds to thousands of parts in traditional thermoplastics.

  1. Formlabs 3D Printers take up less physical space than molding machines
  2. Initial investment and running costs are less
  3. No special training or skills are required to run a Formlabs 3D printers
  4. More complex parts can be created with a Formlabs 3D printer

Learn more about the Formlabs Form 4

Discover the latest 3D printer from Formlabs, the Form 4 and Form 4B. The new 3D printers are:

  • Blazing Fast: Most prints in under 2 hours
  • Versatile: Industry-leading materials for any problem
  • Intuitive: Anyone can learn in 15 minutes
  • Reliable: Unmatched print success rate
  • Stunning parts: Rivaling injection molded parts

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